Training - Need some training?

Training - Need some training?


Training - Do you need help with training your employees in heath and safety practices or even First Aid? Are you after a little bit of Health and Safety advice? Les from AC Training Ltd has let us know how AC Training Ltd can help your business.

AC Training Ltd are a Devon based organisation offering advice within the health and safety sector. Our clients can vary from using our services to help implement health and safety legislation within their organisation to asking for health and safety to be explained in a way that is understood. Searching for the correct codes of practise or understanding legislation can take time, we can take that away from business to ensure they can concentrate on other aspects of their business and can rest at ease that the health and safety part of the business is covered.

Another aspect of AC Training is to, as it says in the title, carry out training. We currently have accredited first aid trainers and manual handling experts amongst other courses available to train employees in all sectors of business. We can adapt our training course to suit the needs of your business. We carry out training in all parts of the country and so are more than willing to discuss any of your training needs.

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