Crazy sign - Does anyone want to check?

Crazy sign - Does anyone want to check?

Crazy sign - Is this sign really necessary?

It does make us chuckle if nothing else!

dry paint imageCrazy sign - We do wonder what sort of sign they had displayed when the paint was wet! We also wonder how many other signs are displayed across the building! 

When they remove the sign, which has been presumably stuck on with blue tac, they will probably have 4 little marks from where the blue tac was placed. They will probably then need to repaint the wall again! Hopefully there will be a sign displayed advising of wet paint and hopefully not stuck to the wall this time.

On a serious note, we do understand the need for signage. It is important to highlight any potential risks and help people with direction. At MJN Safety Signs Ltd, we can certainly help with the safety signs. Just check out our website to see all the signs we offer from No smoking, to CCTV and security, agricultural, parking, construction and more. 

We can also help create bespoke signs to include a company logo, specific wording or picture.


Crazy sign 

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