No Smoking Signs

MJN Safety Signs Ltd

Smoking in public places, on public transport, in the workplace and in company owned vehicles in the UK is now banned.

Therefore as a responsible company owner you are required to ensure that ‘No Smoking signs’ are displayed around your work premises to remind your employees and any visitors to your premises of this law.

If you are looking for high quality affordable No Smoking signage then you need to head over to the website of MJN Safety Signs at: They  offer a wide selection of No Smoking signs to purchase for your business  including blank no naked lights sign, no smoking disciplinary offence sign and even a designated smoking area sign designed to show smokers where they can smoke on your premises.

MJN Safety Signs are one of the UKs leading supplier of safety signs and they offer signs that are of the very best quality, with clearly visible text, robust and durable to ensure that your signage does the job that is it intended for – to warn of the prohibition of smoking on your company premises or in company vehicles.

MJN Safety Signs offer not only affordable signage but are dedicated to providing excellent customer care and the many glowing customer testimonials that can be found on their website at:, are a good example of the superb service that they offer in supplying safety signs.

To find out more about MJN Safety Signs  to browse its extensive range of safety signs, head to the website. Alternatively, to discuss your needs with one of the team, call 07779024508.


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