Parking signs are just another one of our many lines!

Parking signs

Do you need parking signs for the apartment blocks you manage? Do you need signs advising where employees should park? Do you need signs showing where visitors should park? What about disabled parking spots?

Let MJN Safety Signs Ltd help you with your parking sign needs!

         vehicles parked at owners own risk sign                         Employees parking only sign                        Disabled parking only sign

Above is a selection of some of the signs we have on offer. We also have signs advising that 'vehicles are parked at owners risk', 'reserved parking', 'customer parking', 'resident parking' and more. These are produced on dia-bond aluminium and we can provide you with a channel and clips for post fixing (Please select the drop down menu for options). If you require posts please email us the quantities and sizes and we can certainly help you with those too!

Whilst the sizes for these signs in our parking range tend to be 320 x 250mm we can certainly do them in a bigger size, put holes in them if you are wanting to affix them to a wall, or even customise them completely. 

We also have some 'Please note that this vehicle has been wheel clamped' and ' Warning parking violation' signs too!