The Importance of Safety Signs In The Construction Industry

Safety Signs in the Construction Industry

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently pinpointed the need for improved standards of safety on Britain’s building sites to help avoid the risk of serious injuries, ill health and even fatalities that are currently on the increase amongst construction workers.

During September 2014 they carried out a month long campaign of unannounced visits to building sites particularly where refurbishments or repair work is taking place, to drive home the message that health is as important as safety.

One of the high risks that face many construction workers is the presence of harmful dusts such as asbestos or silica which are known to be harmful to the lungs and even carcinogenic. The HSE have warned construction company bosses that if unacceptable levels of hazardous substances, and a failure to provide protection and warning to employees of the presence of these harmful substances is found on building sites, then legal action will be taken.

If you own or manage a construction company then you would be well advised to heed the words of the HSE. One way in which you can avoid fines and most importantly ensure that your valued employees are warned of any potentially injurious situations, hazardous chemicals or substances is through the use of clear signage which you can purchase from the experts at MJN Safety Signs Ltd. They offer a wide selection of signage at very affordable prices all of which complies with BS and EEC legislation.  

MJN Safety Signs offer a range of signage that is ideal to warn employees of the hazards of the construction industry such as chemical/health risk signs, machinery/action signage and many more full details of which can be viewed on their website at:

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