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  1. Roll of 500 Warning Contains Asbestos labels - 25 x 50mm


    Roll of 500 Asbestos warning labels / stickers Warning contains asbestos labels. Each label measures 25 x 50mm, Other sizes and quantities available just enter 'asbestos; in the search box to see the other options available. 
  2. Roll of 250 Warning Contains Asbestos labels - 50mmx100mm


    Roll of 250 Asbestos warning labels/stickers.  Each label measures 50mm x 100mm. Other sizes and smaller quantities are also available on our website just enter 'asbestos' in the search box to see all the options available.  MJNSE
  3. Warning Contains Asbestos labels 50 x 100mm

    from £2.99

    Asbestos warning labels 50 x 100mm Check out our other listings of asbestos labels for different quantities and sizes!
  4. Warning Contains Asbestos labels 25 x 50mm

    from £1.99

    Asbestos warning labels. 25 x 50mm,  
  5. What are the dangers of Asbestos?

    This month we have been chatting to Katherine Keys who live in the U.S who has been fighting mesothelioma cancer (a cancer caused by asbestos exposure) for the past 9 years. Katherine's exposure came from an office remodel, as a result of...
  6. Danger asbestos non adhesive barrier tape


    Ideal for temporary cordoning off of areas. Danger warning tape. 75mm x 100m
  7. Danger Asbestos Do not Disturb Report accidental damage immediately sign

    from £4.65

    Multi-purpose signs.  Danger, warning and mandatory notices on one sign. 200 x 200mm.
  8. Danger Asbestos removal in progress. No unauthorised persons allowed beyond this point sign

    from £4.25

    A multi-purpose sign warning of Asbestos removal and that persons are not allowed to proceed beyond a certain point. Mandatory and Warning sign.
  9. Asbestos removal in progress sign

    from £7.60

    Warning sign. Danger Asbestos signage. 600 x 450mm. 
  10. Danger Asbestos sign

    from £1.40

    Danger Asbestos signs available in a variety of materials. Warning sign.