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A selection of general safety signs, labels and frames.
View all 1m 2m accessories accessories and fittings acid safety signs action plan agriculture alarmed arrow arrow sign asbestos asbestos sticker asbestos stickers attention authorised auto door auto door keep clear automatic automatic door signs automatic doors barbed wire bell beware sign bicycle bikes blank blue health and safety signs blue safety sign blue sign boardroom boiler Boiler cupboard boiler room bottle and cans bs5499 building is alarmed bus buy warning signs c02 cable call point canteen Carbon dioxide catering caution and warning signs caution danger sign caution safety signs caution sign caution signs caution warning sign caution warning signs cautionary safety sign cctv CCTV in operation changing changing room channel checklist chemical chemical danger sign children clamp clamped clamping clamping sticker clean clean and tidy cleaning cleaning safety signs cleaning sign climb clips cloakroom CO2 coach compulsory to wear mask confidential waste construction cooked food coronavirus cosh coshh counter COV3H customer customers cycle danger danger gas sign danger hazard signs deep pit diesel direction signs directional projecting directional signage directional signs director disabled distance Do not enter do not store cooked and raw food dog door door sign door signs double sided dp1 DP120 DP121 DP122 DP123 DP125 DP129 DP130 DP131 dp2 DP3 DP39 DP4 DP40 DP41 DP42 DP43 dp44 DP45 DP47 DP48 DP5 DP56 DP6 DP61 DP62 DP63 DP64 DP7 DP8 drink drinking drinking water drinking water only dumping electric cupboard electric meter electrical electrical danger notice electrical danger signage electrical labels electrical signs electrified emergency emergency safety signs enquiries entrance entrance sign environment environmental equipment escape route arrows evacuate evacuated evacuation action plan evacuation policy exit explosive extinguisher Extinguisher labels face mask facilities fail FAN female fence fire action fire action notice fire action plan fire action sign fire alarm fire check point fire door fire equipment fire equipment sign fire exit fire extinguisher fire extinguisher labels fire extinguishers fire hose reel fire id signs fire point fire procedure Fire risk first aid first aid kit first aid kits fishing flamable flammable floor floor graphics flow direction flu flush fly tip fly tipping flytipping food equipment food preparation area food production food safety signs footprint forbidden fork fork lift forklift fuel garage garage forecourt gas meter gas meter cupboard gate general general prohibition sign general waste gents glass gloves gold guard dogs hand safety signs hand wash hand wash only handle hands hazard hazard safety signs hazard sign hazard warning signs hazard waste hazardous hazardous waste hazards HC64H health hazard helmets hgv highway hook on door handle horn hygiene keep area clear keep clear kitchen kitchen warning signs label label signs labels ladies lextrical hazard sign lgv lift lift room liquid litter livestock lpg machine machinery main electric isolation switch main gas isolation valve main water isolation valve maintenance maintenance labels male management manager mandat mandatory masks meat meat storage men metal frame metal froma minibus mot motorcycle moving vehicles MP44J MPL10 MPL100 multi-purpose multipurpose naked lights no dumping or flytipping no entry no parking signs no smoking no smoking notice no trespassing signs no tresspassing not drinking water notice office office door sign one way open outside use oxygen safety signs oxygen warning sign pad paint PAM paper paper waste parents parking parking lot signs parking signs parking warning signs pay petrol petroleum pipeline pit plant room plastic safety signs plastic signs please wash hands ppe premises press to exit prestige prevent spread of flu private private property private property signs private road prohibited prohibition projecting projecting sign protect safety signs pull push put rubbish in bin quality assurance quality assurance sign raise alarm ramp raw food reception reception signs recorded recorded film rectangle recycle recycle point recycled waste red danger sign red extinguisher labels red safety signs release respirator respirators restaurant restaurant signs restrictions in place reversing ring roll rubbish running man safe condition safe distance safe distancing safety safety checks safety hazard signs safey conditions sales office seat belt sticker seatbelt seatbelts security security safety signs security sign security signs self-adhesive shelving shop shoplifters shower showroom shut sign signs silver site site safety site security smoking warning signs social distance social distancing speed limit speed limit sign staff stand here stands and frames sticker stickers stop stop the spread straight ahead switchroom tape taps telephone temperature thieves tidy tie-tags ties tipping tissue tissues toilet toilet paper toilet sign toilet tissue toilets toxic safety sign trade traffic training trash tresspassing triangle unisex up utensil wash valuables vehicle vehicle speed limit vehicles vinyl safety signs visitors W.C warehouse warning warning and a caution signs warning and danger signs warning automatic door sign warning caution signs warning contains asbestos warning danger sign warning danger signs warning hazard sign warning safety signs warning sign warning signs danger warning signs safety wash hands waste products water water meter water meter cupboard way out WC wear mask wear respirator wear respirators wheel clamp wheel clamping wheelchair wheelchair accessible sign window signage window signs window sticker window-fix windows sign wire women workshop yellow caution sign yellow danger sign yellow health and safety signs yellow safety signs