The importance of Health and safety signs

Health and safety signs are an important tool to help keep people safe in the workplace and other areas. These signs provide visual reminders of hazards, rules and regulations, and provide a clear indication of areas where special measures must be taken.

They are used in many different workplaces and locations, from factories to offices, schools to hospitals. The signs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can be used both indoors and outdoors and indicate anything from the location of an emergency exit to the presence of hazardous materials.

Health and safety signs are also used to remind workers of the importance of following safety protocols. They can alert workers to potential risks, such as hazardous materials, slippery surfaces and machinery, and remind them to take the necessary precautions.

Safety signs can also be used to inform visitors of any safety regulations they should be aware of before entering a certain area. They are an important reminder of the need to take safety seriously, and they can help to ensure that everyone in the workplace is kept safe.

Octobers bespoke projects

It's fair to say the majority of our sales are from the range from our website but we often get asked about bespoke signs. Here are a few of the projects we've been working on this month

- 70 gold and silver effect prestige fire ID signs for a regular customer

- 200 arrows to go on bespoke fire action notice signs so the client can choose the direction the arrow should appear on the sign

- Bespoke photoluminescent fire action notices for a property management company for some apartment blocks they manage

- signs about disposing rubbish for a property management company

- customised dibond aluminium parking signs for post fixing for a housing association

- 3 large customised welsh and english dibond aluminium parking signs 

- welsh fire assembly point signs customised for a school in Wales

- Parking signs customised with companies' logo for a council

Need signs! Just let us know and we will be delighted to help you!

What bespoke projects have we had on this month?

As you are probably aware from our website we offer a bespoke sign service. So what bespoke projects have we had this month so far? Below are a list of a few of them:

- customised photoluminescent fire action notices for a facilities management agent complete with their logo and specific address details for the assembly point

- A really large dibond aluminium (just under a metre wide by 80cm) sign for the front of an apartment block with all the block numbers.

- 500 bespoke warning signs 200 x 200mm for a gate company

- bespoke car parking sign in A3 sign in dibond aluminium complete with channel and clips for a council

- welsh bespoke no dogs signs for a welsh company

- 66 bespoke multi-message warning signs on 3mm foamex 300 x 400mm

- 100 bespoke fire action notices with holes in the 4 corners and customers logo

When a customer approaches us for bespoke signage we ask for the following from them:

  • Quantity
  • size
  • material preference (Self-adhesive, 1mm rigid, 3mm foamex, 5mm, dibond aluminium, brushed silver effect)
  • and any wording etc

Our turnaround (from approval of the sign proof which is emailed across) is a only couple of days so it's pretty quick. 


What sort of industries do we cover?

What sort of industries do we cover?

What sort of industries do we cover?

At MJN Safety Signs Ltd we like to make sure that we have everything covered!

What sort of industries do we cover?

We like to ensure that we cater for a wide number of industries and if we don't have something you need then just contact us as we can make bespoke signs to meet your requirements - various material options, sizes options and nothing is too much trouble!

When we ask people where they are most likely to see safety signs the vast majority advise "on construction sites". Yes, constructions sites do need a lot of safety signage but it's not just on construction sites. Safety signs are just about everywhere! From automatic doors, car parks, supermarkets - and more!

So who are our customers? Well, just about everyone really.

  • Electricians - many require us to provide them with electrical warning voltage signs.
  • Factories and warehouse - many need signage advising about machinery and forklift trucks as well as the fire exit signs and floor markings.
  • Hygiene and catering companies - many need signs in the kitchen and toilets remind people to wash their hands, hairnets to be worn etc.
  • Supermarkets - typically automatic door signs and all the fire exit and equipment signs
  • Hotels and guest houses - usually all the fire signs but especially the fire action notices
  • Facility management companies  -  usually all the fire signs and fire action notices
  • Housing associations - again all the fire signs and fire action notices
  • Councils - usually fire safety signage
  • Businesses -  usually fire equipment and first aid signage
  • Hospitals, Vet surgeries, dentists and doctor surgeries - usually fire action notices, fire id signs
  • Garage forecourts - Typically No smoking signs, LPG signs, no naked flame signs
  • CCTV and security firms - Normally CCTV in operation signs, disabled parking signs, electric charging signs, vehicle will be clamped
  • Farms - normally site safety signage, tresspasser signage
  • Haulage companies
  • Coaches, taxis, trains - typically in emergency break glass signs, no smoking signs, wear seat belt signs
  • Offices - usually for the fire exit, no smoking, fire action signs.
  • Schools - signs for the car parks, fire exit signs, fire id signs
  • Construction sites - site safety signage, danger keep out, wear PPE
  • Estate agents - fire action signs
  • Car parks - vehicles will be clamped, disabled parking signs, 
  • Universities and colleges - car parking signs, fire action notices, fire exit and fire equipment signs
  • Football stadiums
  • Gyms
  • Caravan parks - especially the caravan fire action notices
  • Parks
  • Sports training grounds
  • Restaurants
  • Shops and shopping centres including large department stores - fire id signs, fire exit signs, fire equipment signs

The list is really endless. 

At MJN Safety Signs we like to ensure that our products are top quality at affordable prices. We offer a quick turnaround with many ordered being received the following day. If you need to get hold of us then you can reach us on the contact us page, drop us an email or give us a call. 

If you need any health and safety sgins then give us a try!


What sort of industries do we cover?

Fire safety signage

Fire safety signage

Fire safety signage

Fire safety signage


Health and safety is vital in any building or workplace, and this is why it is important to have the right safety precautions in place. Not only to abide by the health and safety laws but to also ensure that you and your employees know of the fire safety precautions should a fire break out.

Having fire extinguisher signs is hugely important and could be the difference between stopping and preventing a fire. With MJN Safety Sign Ltd you can be sure that all of the safety signs on their website are legitimate and will hugely contribute to your safety regulations in your business.

In terms of our fire extinguisher signs on our website, we have a wide range that are suitable for different scenarios and businesses and offices with portrait and landscape options available in self adhesive vinyl, 1mm rigid plastic, photolum and prestige brushed silver or gold effect.

Currently on the website we have hundreds of fire extinguisher signs, these signs include Fire extinguisher photoluminescent sign, fire extinguisher hanging signs, fire extinguisher directional projecting sign, Fire extinguisher Prestige sign, Fire Extinguisher Left sign and a whole range more.

If you’re not only looking for fire extinguisher signs online, then we also have a wider range of fire equipment signs, these include Dry riser signs, fire call point signs, fire blanket signs, Do not hold horn when operating fire equipment sign, do not use on flammable liquid fires fire equipment sign, safe for use on flammable liquid fires fire equipment signs and many more.

Find all the fire safety signs you need with MJN Safety Sign Ltd.

Fire safety signage

Fire extinguisher signs - Are you looking online for somewhere to buy fire extinguisher signs in the UK?

Fire extinguisher signs - Are you looking online for somewhere to buy fire extinguisher signs in the UK?

Fire extinguisher signs

Fire extinguisher signs

If so, then we are pleased to say that you have come to the right place and welcome to MJN Safety Signs Ltd and we will be able to help.

Who are we?

MJN Safety Signs Ltd is a leading supplier of health and safety signs and we have an excellent range of quality fire extinguisher signs available. It is important that you have the correct signs clearly visible on your fire extinguishers so they can be used in the correct way should they be required.

Why us?

Although we appreciate that we aren't the only supplier of fire extinguisher signs, from previous customer feedback we can say with full confidence that we are one of the best. Our signs are manufactured to the highest of industry standards and meet all current health and safety legal standards. We also ensure that once we have confirmation of your order we will have your signs dispatched and delivered to you quickly.

If you have any questions about the fire extinguisher signs we have available then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0779024508.


Fire extinguisher signs

Safety signs - Some of the industries we cover!

Safety signs - Some of the industries we cover!

Safety signs

Safety signs

At MJN Safety Signs, we like to think we have most industries covered and anything we don't have covered we can create bespoke signage!

Construction - We have all the warning, danger, hazard site safety signs, site security, Danger keep out. PPE signs as well as site speed limit signs, site office, visitor signs and more.

Demolition - We have the Demolition in progress and all the site safety signage.

Hygiene / Catering - Our range includes, Please wash your hands, food preparation area, caution hot water, not drinking water and much more!

Block Management signs - We have the Fire action 'Stay put' signs, dry riser signs, fire safety signage, parking signs, safe condisiton signs, Do not use lift signs and more. 

Facility management companies - We have a range of fire action notices, parking signs, assembly point signs and safe condition signs.

Education - We have a large range of  safe condition signs suitable for schools, universities, halls of residence. 

Security - We have a wide variety of CCTV and site security signs.

Agricultural - We like to ensure that we have a selection of the most popular signs.

Manufacturing & Chemical - we have a number of fork-lift truck signs, machine warning signs, GHS /CLP  labels, noise regulation signs as well as first aid signs.

Electrical - We have a wide variety of labels such as High voltage, Danger Live terminals.

Businesses - we have the no smoking policy signs, fire exit signs, first aid assembly point signs.

Garage - We have MOT signs, caution deep hole below signs as well as multi-purpose flammable warning signs.

Shop/warehouse - We have fork-lift truck signs, aisle signs, no climbing on racking or shelving signs.

Parking - We have customer parking, residential parking signs, general no parking signs, clamping signs.

Hospitals - We have a variety of NHS fire signs.

If there any signs you need that we don't have just contact us and we will do our best to help! 


Safety signs

What do we sell?

What do we sell?

What do we sell?

What do we sell?

Well, at MJN Safety Signs Ltd we sell Safety Signs including fire exit signs and no smoking signs and a number of health and safety accessories.

MJN Safety Signs Ltd is a one-stop shop for all your health & safety sign, notices and label needs!

Safety signs are a legal requirement for most building and businesses. At MJN safety Signs Ltd we offer a wide array of high quality signs in line with EEC and BS legislative guidelines (EN ISO 7010) at competitive prices. In 2003 ISO 7010 was introduced and then it was revised in 2012. The intentions are to make standardised pictogram signs that can be globally recognised. 

We have a wide range of health and safety signs and notices available including; Construction signs, GHS labels, CLP labels, warning signage, mandatory signs, prohibition sign, safe condition signs, First Aid, No Smoking, Fire exit, No access, Security and CCTV, construction, Traffic Control signage, warning labels, tie-on-tags, hygiene and catering signs, barrier tapes, GHS signs, PPE signage, doorplates, prestige signs, fire equipment signs, fire action signs, safe condition signs, first aid signs, assembly point signs, double-sided hanging signs, large format signs, floor graphics, Welsh signs, projecting signs, photoluminescent signs, warehouse, garage, agricultural signs, site safety signs and much more. We can offer signs in a variety of materials from self-adhesive vinyl, 1mm rigid plastic, 3mm heavy duty PVC, photoluminecent, foamex, correx, diabond aluminium or brushed silver or brushed gold effect if you are wanting the more prestige look.


Also, we can offer a bespoke sign service if you need a logo adding or specific wording or symbol. Again just contact us with your requirements including: material type, quantities, size, colours, wording by either using the contact us box, bespoke sign contact form or via email and we can then quote you. 


Extinguishers and tamper seals, floor stands,  j brackets, fire log books, accident books and many sign accessories are also available on our website. Our lines are constantly increasing and if there is a particular item that we don't stock that you are after just let us know and we will do our best to source it and get it added to our website. 


We pride ourself on our customer service and if you can't find the signs you need please do not hesitate to contact us along with your requirements to and we will get back to you as soon as we can with prices and options or alternatively you can use the Live chat facility or give us a call. 

Please feel free to search the signs on our website. If you are looking to buy in bulk please email us to along with your requirements as we may be able to offer some discounts. 


MJN Safety signs offers quality products at competitive prices with fast delivery! We pride ourselves on our customer service. 


Make MJN Safety Signs Ltd you health and safety signs supplier. 


What do we sell?

Bespoke signage

Bespoke signage

Bespoke signage at MJN Safety Signs Ltd

Bespoke signage

Whilst we have the vast majority of signs covered on our website, we appreciate that there may be signs you need with specific wording or in another language which are not on our website and are not necessarily health and safety signs. That's no problem! Just drop us an email with your requirements and we will get back to you with a price. 

In fact we have had several customers requiring signs that are bilingual; Polish and English, Welsh and English etc and that was no problem for us to do. All we needed was the exact wording and the signs were then made up. 

We've had customers wanting signs on dibond aluminium rather that self-adhesive and again that was no problem for us. 

If you have a sign requirement and you are not sure if it's something we can do just contact us as 99% of the time we will be able to help

Bespoke signage

No smoking! - Do you need to buy legitimate no smoking signs for your business or property?

No smoking! - Do you need to buy legitimate no smoking signs for your business or property?

No smoking! - Then you can be sure to find the best range of no smoking signs with MJN Safety Signs.

No smoking

Here at MJN Safety Signs we sell a range of globally recognised safety signs. We are the one stop shop for any kind of safety sign you require. In terms of our no smoking signs, we have a wide range of them available to meet your requirements. Some of which include Double Sided No Smoking Sign, No Smoking: Please extinguish Sign, Strictly no smoking on these premises, This is a No smoking area doubled sided Sign, No Smoking Company Policy Sign, No smoking inside fixing window stickers and many more varieties.

Here at MJN Safety Sign we have become the first name that comes to mind when anyone requires any sort of health and safety sign. We’ve been around since 2014, but we’ve rapidly grown in this time, simply because of the huge range of signs we supply. The range of signs we provide include Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory, Safe Condition, Fire Equipment, Construction, Photoluminescent, Hygiene & Catering and Security.

Our main aim is providing the highest level of customer service. We do this by always working closely with our clients, whatever our client wants, we will strive to deliver exactly what they need.


No smoking

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