Fail to prepare = prepare to fail

A while back I came across this powerful saying

'Fail to prepare = prepare to fail'.

It's a great quote to live by. 

Firstly, it was to great use when explaining to my kids about exams, interviews and life in general but also it's so true in a health and safety point of view too! 

Businesses and people need to prepare, they need to have the right health and safety procedures and equipment in place. They need to make sure that their staff are educated and know what to do in emergencies and how to keep the workplace safe. For if they don't prepare they should prepare to 'fail' and with that I mean if they don't take the precautions then they should beware of the consequences i.e hefty fines, employee injuries etc all of which can have serious impacts on the business.

We can certainly help with the health and safety signs and can point you in the direction of some health and safety consultancies to help with this.



Can't believe January is now over?

What a month! Considering we opened a few days later than normal after the New Year, January has been a fast and busy month. 

Here are a few of the projects we have been working on in January as well as all the stock orders. 

  • Our relatively new 'Caution ice' floor stands have been a big hit given the recent spells of cold and icy weather. 
  • We've had a large project for a property company providing them with all the signage for a large apartment block. Many of the signs were bespoke and large signs.
  • A water facilities management company needed thousands of customised labels.
  • We've been restocking some of our regular customers sign supplies.
  • We've been working on a large 2.5m x 1.5m sign for a housing association.
  • We've helped kit out a customer that was subjected to flytipping - with a number of signs.
  • A customer needed 500 bespoke signs made for their 'shutters' business and we have helped them with that.
  • Bespoke signs were required for another property management company. 

Whilst we sell a lot of health and safety signs and notices we can also offer a bespoke service. So if it's maintenance labels you want with your logo or company details we can help you with that. If you have specific wording you need on some signs we can help you with that. I guess what we are trying to say is let us know any signage or label requirements you have and we can help you!


Safety - a small investment for a rich future!

We know that safety signs is not something customers get excited about and it's not going to increase your profits. However, signage can make all the difference to your business along with other safety procedures. They can highlights potential dangers, offers guidance, act as reminders and help you comply with the legislative guidelines.

Whatever you need signage for just remember it's a small investment for a rich future! One accident can land your company in a lot of trouble and often with hefty fines. It's something we all want to avoid. 

MJN Safety Signs offers a wide variety of health and safety signs and labels at competitive prices. There are a number of material options and size options and we offer fast delivery too!

We work with a number of health and safety trainers, consultancies and fire risk assessors so if you need help with finding one please let us know and we can help you. 


Happy new year from MJN Safety Signs

And just like that 2018 has flown by! The years never went by so quickly when I was at school!!!!

Wishing all our customers a happy and healthy 2019. We hope this year is a good one.

This year, at MJN Safety Signs we will be continuing to expand our product range, we hope to release our brochure in the coming months, update the website to make it even more user friendly and continuing to offer the best service we can to our customers. 


Last orders..... for xmas!

What a year it's been! 

We want to thank all our customers for their continued support throughout the year. We've enjoyed working with each and everyone of you and look forward to seeing what 2019 brings!

We wish you a merry xmas and a happy, healthy and safe new year!

We will be closed 19th Dec at 1230pm and will re-open Thurs 3rd Jan 2019. Orders can be placed online during this time but won't be sent out until we re-open. 

Last day for bespoke orders and prestige signs for delivery before Xmas is Fri 14th Dec. 

Last day for orders before Christmas is Tues 18th Dec.

What have we been up to this month?

It's been a busy month here at MJN Safety Signs for both stock signage and customised signs.

Here are a few of the projects we have been working on:

  • 4 customised site safety signs in 3mm heavy duty PVC were created for a quarry site: 1200 x 1000mm, 1000 x 1000mm, and 2 at 600 x 400mm.
  • A customer was after a number of welsh bespoke signs as well as a number of our stock welsh range. We can create any welsh signs - all we need is the welsh wording!
  • 100 x stay put signs were created with a special coverall backing for an apartment block.
  • We've supplied a number of customers with large quantities of corrective action warning labels.
  • Plastic floor stands have been a big hit again this month.
  • 50 Stay put fire action signs were customised for a property management company.
  • 2 x large orders for prestige signs have gone out,

As well as a number of stock sign orders.

We want to help you with all your signs whether it be stock signs, stock signs with logos or address details added, or signs that are not necessarily health and safety related. 


    Stay put fire action signs

    One of our most popular signs is the the fire action 'stay put' sign.

    We offer these signs in a self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic and 2 size options A5 or 210 x 310mm. Some of our clients have asked for their logo to be put on it and we can do that too (*charge applies for customising with logos etc). 

    This range is particularly popular with apartment blocks and flats. 

    Stay put fire action notice


    Fire risk assessment app

    This month we have been chatting to Gethin about the fire safety app he has created. Here is what Gethin has to say about it!

    In the United Kingdom, Organisation’s employing five or more people, a licensed premises or an alterations notice is in force, then the significant findings of the fire risk assessment, the actions to be taken as a result of the assessment and details of anyone especially at risk must be recorded and reviewed regularly. This assessment must also include details of any dangerous substances used or stored in or around a workplace premises.

    Currently a fire risk assessment is performed using either a paper-based or computer software checklist system.

    A fire risk assessor should have the following competency:

    • An understanding of relevant fire safety legislation;
    • Education, training, knowledge and experience in fire safety;
    • Fire development and the behaviour of people in fire;
    • Fire hazards, fire risks and factors associated with occupants at special risk; and
    • Appropriate training and experience in carrying out fire risk assessments.

    company of experienced fire professionals, based in the United Kingdom have developed a fire risk assessment mobile App that is fully compliant with current fire safety legislation. 

    The App is based on British Standard PAS-79. Below are the required nine steps of this Methodology:

    1. Information on the building, processes carried out and the people present, or likely to be present;
    2. Identify the fire hazards and means for their elimination or control;
    3. Assess the likelihood of fire, at least in subjective terms;
    4. Determine the fire protection measures in the building;
    5. Obtain relevant information about fire safety management;
    6. Make an assessment of the likely consequences to people in the event of fire, at least in subjective terms;
    7. Make an assessment of the fire risk;
    8. Formulate and document an action plan, with prioritization if appropriate;
    9. Define the date by which the fire risk assessment should be reviewed.

    The App covers all nine steps of the BSI Standard and has been proven to reduce time and increase efficiency by approximately 40 % compared to paper based or Microsoft office check-list based systems.

    Features of Fire Risk Assessment App.


    • Suitable for Assessors & Premises owner’s.
    • The app is based on the British Standard PAS-79 Methodology.
    • Available on Android & iOS. Designed to function on phones and larger tablet devices.
    • Plans starting £10 per report.
    • Generate report and produce your risk rating.
    • Producing FRAs using the app is 40% faster other methods.
    • Save the report in Cloud forever.
    • Upload images in the app and generate automatic FRA reports.

    How to use App.

    Download and install App from IOS or Android Store

    Google Play

     App store

    The app is very self-explanatory and easy to use.

    You can take help of following video tutorial to do your first Assessment


    The First FRA report can be generated absolutely free. The first generated report can be used commercially. For more report, one has to purchase the credit starting from 10 GBP/ Report.

    Warning contains asbestos labels

    If you need 'warning asbestos' labels then let MJN Safety Signs help you out. We have labels in small quantities or by the roll. We offer 2 different sizes: 25 x 50mm and also 50 x 100mm. 

    Warning contains asbestos labels

    Bespoke signs this month

    We often get asked to create bespoke signs for our clients which is something we enjoy doing. 

    Below are a few of the bespoke projects we have worked on in the last month.

    • We have a gate company that needs warning signs and they want them customised with their company details. We have been supplying them regularly for 3 years now since they first opened and have been delighted to see them grow and prosper. 
    • This same company have recommended us to a roller shutter company and we too supply their customised warning signs. 
    • We have worked with a factory kitting out their signage including aisle signs suspended from the ceiling, reception signs, signs to fix to their skips and more.
    • One of the hospitals in the midlands needed a large number of customised dry riser signs. We have previously supplied them with all their fire exit hanging signs and assembly point signs.
    • A facility management company needs some fire action notices customised so they can put in some of the apartment blocks they manage.
    • Large amount of bespoke labels for a water company whom order regularly with us. 

    We aim to please and follow the specs provided by the client providing them with proofs to approve or make changes. Once the client is happy with the proof we will then go to print. Our turnaround is usually 2-3 working days for bespoke signs once the client has approved the proof.


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