Almost the middle of Feb already!

January always feels like the longest month ever yet we are almost half way into Feb and time is running away with itself. 

Here are some of the bespoke jobs we have worked on in these last couple of weeks:

  • Providing customers with stock orders
  • Welsh signage has been particularly popular supplying these to schools and colleges - both stock and customised signs
  • Customised a number of Floor A Frames for a an engineering firm
  • Created door plates for a customer we have provided these for in the past
  • Customised some Fire action signs with customers company details
  • Topped up one of our regular water companies signage with 500 of their usual signs
  • Provided a facilities management company with some fire action photoluminecent signs for some of the apartment blocks they manage customised with their company details
  • Created 16 bespoke dibond aluminium signs for another engineering firm
  • Customised maintenance labels for one of our regular customers

We really work hard to ensure that we can offer a quick turnaround on bespoke signs. Once you have contacted us with your requirements we then price up the job and once payment has been made we make unlimited changes on the proofs that we email over to you for your approval and only once you are truly happy and give us the go-ahead we will then go ahead and print them. We aim to have bespoke orders out within 48-72hrs of the go-ahead being given. This would depend on the nature of the job, materials etc but generally speaking out turnaround is really quick. 


Now wash your hands signs

Now wash your hands signs

One of our most popular lines these last few days has been the 'Now wash your hand signs' which may not come as a surprise due to the Coronavirus that's all over the news. 

We offer a variety of 'washing hand signs' which can be found by clicking here.

You would like to think that people don't need reminding to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, before preparing food or once they have sneezed into their hands but turns out they do. 



Silver and brass Safety signs

There has been a large call for brushed brass and brush silver effect signs this month!

We offer these signs in a rigid plastic with a brushed brass or brushed silver finish and these are certainly proving to be popular for customers who would prefer the signs blended in with the surroundings or looking for the more prestigious look. 

From fire action notices, fire exit signs, toilet signs, door signs, fire id signs and more we have them covered. If it's not in our stock range then it doesn't mean we can't do it. Just drop us a message with your wording and sizing and we should be able to do them no problem.

Level of care

We like to make sure that our customers are offered a high level of customer service, with quality products at competitive prices by doing this customers are happy to come back to us time and time again. 

If you need any safety signs and notices or bespoke signs and maintenance labels then please do give us a try. 

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MJN Safety Signs wishes all their customers, friends and family well over the festive season

It's that time of the year again!

MJN Safety Signs Ltd would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support this year and would like to wish you all a very merry Xmas and well over the new year!

What have we been up to this November?

It's been a busy start to the month! Here are a few of the bespoke projects have we have been working on this month.

- We have provided a housing association with 500 Stay put fire action notices customised to feature their logo

- We have provided another housing association with a number of A3 perspex signs identifying which flat is on which floor. We have already supplied them with a number of these for other buildings earlier in the year.

- We have created 36 photoluminescent signs advising of floor numbers for another housing association.

- We have provided a number of bespoke flat number signs  for another housing association.

- Provided a number of floor graphics for a distribution centre.

- Provided a hotel with some entrance signs with their logo on it.

Whilst we have a wide range of stock signs on our website we appreciate that sometimes our customers want their logo adding, they want completely customised signs, customised maintenance labels  - and we can do all of that. Just drop us an email to and we will be able to help you out. 

As well as these projects we have been providing a number of businesses, colleges, housing associations with some of our stock signage. 

No Safety, Know Pain!

No Safety, Know pain! Is one of our favourite sayings!

If you don't have safety measures in place then you will soon feel the pain whether it's physical pain or financial pain.

There really isn't any room for shortcuts when it comes to safety. The number of times I have spoken to health and safety managers who say that their bosses want to cut corners or don't want to spend on health and safety measures is unbelievable.

Sure you don't get a 'rate of return' on safety products but you can ultimately save on hefty fines, injuries, and your business reputation by doing things the right way as well as creating a safe environment for everyone.

We read all too often about companies being fined for injuries to colleagues or even death to colleagues. It's so important to have staff educated so they know what's expected of them - if there is a spill, how to clean it up safely, if someone is injured, how to deal with it etc. Health and safety is everyone's responsibility and working together in a safe environment is paramount!

So what have we been up to in June!

June was a really busy month for us and particularly our customised signs.

Here are a few of the bespoke sign projects we have worked on this month.

  • We created service labels for a maintenance company
  • Our regular customer was after a large number of bespoke warning gate signs
  • We have created over 100 photoluminescent signs for a housing association
  • An aggregate company who regularly orders from us was after some large dibond aluminium customised signs for their site
  • We created large quantities or customised asbestos labels for another customer
  • A hotel group were after a number of reflective customised parking signs for their car parks.

If you have sign requirements that are not standard  signs don't worry, we can still help you out. Just send us over the specifications and let us do the rest. We won't print the signs until you have confirmed that you are happy with the proofs that we email over to you. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive prices.


Where is the 3 months of sunshine we were promised?

I can't quite believe that I am typing this blog with the heating on whilst wearing a thick jumper! It's the middle of June!!! Where is all the sunshine we were promised?

There are flood alerts throughout the UK and the forecast for the next few days is no better!

I'm not very good with plants and watering the lawn (I have just put down some grass seeds a few weeks ago) but the rain is kindly doing that for me. The grass has grown really well but it's too wet to cut and the plants are doing ok too. 

With rain comes a number of hazards one of which is slipping. What can you do to help avoid customers, colleagues etc from slipping?

  • Clean up the any water/mess immediately
  • Display warning signs
  • Use moisture absorbent matts at entrance areas 
  • Have hand rails if there are steps or the area is sloped
  • Report unsafe conditions so that areas can be made safe
  • Use adhesive grip tape around troublesome areas
  • Ensure walkways, entrances and general space is free from obstacles 
Doing it right!


We can of course help you with signage and if there is particular wording you would like just let us know and we can help create a suitable sign for you. 

Stay safe and let's hope the sun makes an appearance soon!

Automatic door signs

Automatic door signs

Whenever I go into the town centre I am amazed by the number of these automatic door signs we see. Maybe it's because I am in the safety signs industry that they stand out more! 

We offer then with black writing on white in self- adhesive vinyl and measure 150 x 150mm. 

Automatic door sign

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