Product materials and sign types

Most of our signs are available in various sizes and materials so we wanted to explain the difference in materials to help you select the best product to meet your requirements.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl

These are great quality signs, where the backing is peeled off for easy fixing and adheres to most smooth surfaces. We suggest ensuring that the surface is grease and dirt-free first before applying to get the best results and we would highly recommend using a soft-edged or felt-edged squeegee to apply the signs so as to remove any air bubbles as air bubbles will cause the sign not to stick and to peel off the wall.

  • 1mm rigid plastic

These are suitable for most surfaces and are ideal for both interior or exterior use.  We can put holes in the corners should you wish and when placing an order please add a note requesting holes in the 'notes' section. 

  • 3mm Heavy duty PVC

As the name suggests these are heavy duty signs, so slightly thicker than the 1mm Rigid plastic and are usually drilled into place. Again, we can put holes in the corners should you wish and when placing an order please add a note requesting holes in the 'notes' section.

  • Double sided signs

These tend to be produced on 3mm heavy duty PVC and are great when you want the signs to be seen from a number of directions. 

  • Photoluminescent signs

These are produced in Rigid PVC only. In the event of a power failure, these signs should help reduce panic, as they are highly visible in dark conditions, thus allowing for safer evacuation. They can be used over and over again by direct exposure to a light source. They do not present a health hazard and do not require any electrical power or batteries to enable them to work. 

Types of signs

  • Prohibition signs

These are red safety signs advising what you 'must not do' to avoid injury or a risk to your health or safety i.e no smoking

  • Warning Signs

These are yellow signs identifying the potential risks to health and safety i.e 'Caution! Trip Hazard',

  • Mandatory Signs

These are blue signs which identify actions that need to be taken to help contribute towards safety i.e 'wear ear protectors'.

Sign Orientation

Some of our signs are available in 300 x 100mm (landscape) and this is usually a symbol on the left with the wording on the right. Alternatively signs where the shortest measurement is first like 200 x 300mm are portrait where the symbol/image is at the top with the writing underneath