Prohibition signs are typically red with a circle and diagonal line running through it. These are the 'forbidden signs' telling you not to do something.

Prohibition signs include 'No smoking', 'No admittance', 'No Access', 'Do not' signs and more. 

View all 1M 2m access actions admittance against the law agriculture apartments area areas arrow arrows authorised Authorised personnel ball games banksman bathing bilingual safety signs blue health and safety signs blue safety sign blue sign boiler boiler room boots building bus buses C24/Z4 C26/Z6 C3/Z3 car park signs Cars catering children cigarette clean cleaning cleaning safety signs climb climbing close closed clothing coach coaches combustible communal company computer computer equipment concealed construction contractor Contractor parking contractors cosh coshh crossing customer customers damage danger danger hazard signs deliveries delivery designated detectors direction disabled disciplinary discipline dismissal dispose distance diversion do not Do not enter do not oil do not remove do not start do not switch off do not switch on do not turn off do not use dog dogs double sided drink drinking drinking water drivers driving e-cig e-cigarettes ecigarettes enter entrance entry equipment escape route escape route arrows extinguish flammable flat flats floor graphics floor marking floor signs floor warning sign food safety signs footpath forbidden fork fork lift fork-lift forklift general general prohibition sign guards guide dog guide dogs hazard hazard safety signs hazard sign hazard warning signs hazardous heaters heavy helmets hi vis hi-viz hygenic hygiene keep apart keep area clear keep clear keep out kitchen warning signs law left lift lift room lock out locked out lockout loose clothing lorries machine machinery mandatory materials maximum workload men men at work mobile mobile phone mobile phones motion move moving moving machinery moving vehicle moving vehicles MP42S mps30u mps31q mud multi-purpose multipurpose no access no admittance no drinking no eating no entry no exit no exit sign red no parking no parking signs no smoking no smoking building no smoking e cigarettes no smoking notice no smoking or vaping no smoking sign no smoking sign for cars no thoroughfare not drinking water obstacles obstruct off offence one way open operate operating this machine parents parking parking lot signs parking signs parking warning signs pedestrian pedestrians personnel persons plant plant room plastic safety signs plastic signs point policy polluted position premises prohibited prohibition protect safety signs protective clothing public radios red danger sign red safety signs reduce refrain reverse reversing right road safe safe condition safety hazard signs scaffold scaffold incomplete scaffolding scaffolding incomplete service shelf shelves shelving shop sign signs signs for heavy plant crossing site site access site compound site entrance site office site safety site security site traffic slow children smoke smoke detector smoking smoking area smoking warning signs social distancing speed staff stand here stop stop the spread store straight straight ahead strictly strictly prohibited switch switch on switchroom symbol taxi taxis thank you thoroughfare tidy tie-on-tags touch traffic trains trucks turning unauthorised unauthorised person unauthorised persons unauthorised vehicles use vans vehicle vehicle moving in progress vehicle speed limit vehicles vest Vests visitors viz walkway warehouse warning water welsh wheelchair wheelchair accessible sign window window signage window signs window sticker windows windows sign