Safety signs - Some of the industries we cover!

Safety signs - Some of the industries we cover!

Safety signs

Safety signs

At MJN Safety Signs, we like to think we have most industries covered and anything we don't have covered we can create bespoke signage!

Construction - We have all the warning, danger, hazard site safety signs, site security, Danger keep out. PPE signs as well as site speed limit signs, site office, visitor signs and more.

Demolition - We have the Demolition in progress and all the site safety signage.

Hygiene / Catering - Our range includes, Please wash your hands, food preparation area, caution hot water, not drinking water and much more!

Block Management signs - We have the Fire action 'Stay put' signs, dry riser signs, fire safety signage, parking signs, safe condisiton signs, Do not use lift signs and more. 

Facility management companies - We have a range of fire action notices, parking signs, assembly point signs and safe condition signs.

Education - We have a large range of  safe condition signs suitable for schools, universities, halls of residence. 

Security - We have a wide variety of CCTV and site security signs.

Agricultural - We like to ensure that we have a selection of the most popular signs.

Manufacturing & Chemical - we have a number of fork-lift truck signs, machine warning signs, GHS /CLP  labels, noise regulation signs as well as first aid signs.

Electrical - We have a wide variety of labels such as High voltage, Danger Live terminals.

Businesses - we have the no smoking policy signs, fire exit signs, first aid assembly point signs.

Garage - We have MOT signs, caution deep hole below signs as well as multi-purpose flammable warning signs.

Shop/warehouse - We have fork-lift truck signs, aisle signs, no climbing on racking or shelving signs.

Parking - We have customer parking, residential parking signs, general no parking signs, clamping signs.

Hospitals - We have a variety of NHS fire signs.

If there any signs you need that we don't have just contact us and we will do our best to help! 


Safety signs

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