Health and safety

Health and safety

Health and safety is so important in any field or industry of work, especially within the manufacturing industry.

Health and safety ranges from the operation of a business, to the handling of dangerous and specialist equipment as well as employees knowing where the fire exits are. Even though there is a great range of health and safety precautions to consider and learn, it is still vital to make the information clear. Which is why MJN Safety Sign Ltd exist, to help businesses and companies to officially display and state the relevant health and safety signs. Safety signs are a legal requirement for most buildings and businesses. MJN Safety Signs Ltd offer signs in line with EEC and BS legislative guidelines (EN ISO 7010) at the most competitive prices.

There are thousands of varieties of health and safety signs available on the market and MJN Safety Signs Ltd have all of the most relevant safety signs on their website. Their range of safety signs include fire exit keep clear signs, no smoking signs, site safety starts here sign, warning CCTV cameras in operation sign, water fire extinguisher ID sign, fire door keep shut sign, flammable gas label, fire alarm call point symbol sign and so many more.

When you need a health and safety sign for your company, we can help you!


Health and safety

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