Our thoughts are with the family, friends and residents of Grenfell Tower!

I woke up this morning to read about the terrible fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower block in London.

The pictures in the news were awful! Seeing people standing by their window desperate to be saved, the building itself blackened and burnt, and once again communities have come together to try and help those now 'homeless' and in need. It has been suggested that the cause of the fire was an exploding fridge, it has been also suggested that the safety fire alarms may not have been working 100% but thorough investigations will inevitably take place.

Looking at fire safety, it's so important that staff and residents are informed of the fire safety procedures. Safety signs should be displayed highlighting where fire exits are should the need arise,  fire equipment is, fire action notices etc. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should be checked regularly. One of my biggest gripes is blocked fire exits. Fire exits should never be blocked! There are so many companies out there that can offer training or help in various health and safety areas and it's money well spent. Of course we can help you with the safety signs!




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