Safe distancing and the new normal!

What will the new normal be? How long will social distancing last? Will things ever get back to the way they were?

It's been a crazy few months with most people trying to juggling a million things at once whether it been cooking, cleaning, working, homeschooling, food shopping etc. 

We really didn't expect to create a 'safe distancing' collection on our website advising people to wear face masks, keep 1m+ and 2m apart and for one way systems in shops becoming the norm! Hazard tape was flying out the door too!

We've helped a number of customers with customised safe distancing signs and many have been customised in Welsh to help out our Welsh customers. With our customised signage we will work with you to ensure the signs meets your requirements. 

We've also added some re-useable face masks to our website and are looking to expand on that range now that masks are going to be enforced in shops and are already in Scotland.

We don't know how long this safe distancing will last and whether it will be the new 'normal' but whatever happens we will update our range to help meet the latest advice.

We really want to thank our customers for their continued support and repeat business especially these last few months. We really appreciate it!

We hope that you and your families keep safe and well. 

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