Safe Conditions - Items tagged as "General"

These signs cover BS5499 safe conditions signs, Large format signs, first aid and disabled signs. These signs are used to keep us safe, identify exits and help advise us what to do in an emergency.
View all accident action plan actions ahead apartment apartment blocks apartments arrow sign assembly notice assembly point authorised Authorised personnel automatic bilingual safety signs blue health and safety signs blue safety sign blue sign bs5499 button buy warning signs caution caution and warning signs caution danger sign caution safety signs caution sign caution signs caution warning sign caution warning signs cautionary safety sign construction danger danger hazard signs direction signs directional signage directional signs disabled Do not enter door sign door signs double sided drink drinking ear protection emergency emergency safety signs escape route escape route arrows evacuate evacuated evacuation evacuation action plan evacuation policy exit extinguisher Extinguisher labels eye protection FAN fire fire action fire action flats fire action notice fire action notices fire action plan fire action plan welsh fire action sign fire assembly point fire call point fire caution signs fire door fire equipment fire equipment sign fire exit fire exit left fire exit right fire extinguisher fire extinguisher labels fire extinguishers fire log book fire point fire procedure fire signs first aid first aid kit first aid kits first aider flat flats floor graphics floor signs floor warning sign forbidden fork fork lift forklift general glasses goggle goggles gold googles hazard safety signs hazard sign hazard warning signs hi vis hi-viz hi-viz vest hospital hospital signs hotel / guest house hotel sign housing associations keep area clear keep clear keep locked shut keep shut label signs large format left log book maintenance maintenance labels mandatory mind the step mobile phones multi-lingual must be worn muster muster point nhs no access no authorised persons no entry no pedestrians passageway pedestrian pedestrians personal protection photoluminescent pictorial general plastic safety signs plastic signs portable buildings / caravan sites ppe press to exit prestige prohibition protect safety signs push push bar push bar to open push button push pad push to open raise alarm reception signs record book red danger sign red extinguisher labels red safety signs release release button residential / warden flats residential flats right running man safe condition safety safety glasses safety goggles safety hazard signs safety helmets shop silver site safety smoking warning signs spill kit staff stairs stairs safety signs stay put stay put fire policy stay put fire sign stay put policy stayput step straight ahead truck trucks turn to open up vest Vests vinyl safety signs viz warehouse warning warning and a caution signs warning and danger signs warning caution signs warning danger sign warning danger signs warning hazard sign warning safety signs warning sign warning signs danger warning signs safety way out welsh welsh fire exit sign wheelchair wheelchair accessible sign window signage window signs window sticker windows sign yellow caution sign yellow danger sign yellow health and safety signs yellow safety signs