Floor stands - Need online floors stands?

Floor stands - Need online floors stands?

Floor stands - MJN Safety Signs can help you!

Floor stands - We have a large range of plastic floor stands that are a quick and effective way of highlighting people of potential dangers and hazards. 

I've often seen the 'slippery floor' signs in hotel lobbies when it's been raining outside and people have been coming in out of the rain or in supermarkets when someone has spilt something and the cleaners haven't yet arrived.

The Cleaning in progress are regularly seen when public toilets are being cleaned.

We have men at work, fork-lift truck, out of order, wet paint, blank signs and many more.

Check out our range and if you are after specific wording or images that's no problem just drop us an email with your requirements and we can quote you accordingly. 

Floor stands

caution slippery floor maintenance in progress sign

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