Parking pet hates!

Parking pet hates!

Parking pet hates!

One of my pet hates is people using disabled bays and mother and toddler spaces when they clearly don't qualify for them. I was never really aware of the problem before I had children. It is really unfair that those who are entitled to use these spaces have to suffer so that some able bodied person doesn't have to walk the extra mile so as not to get wet etc.

About 6 years ago I was out shopping with my mum and my son (who was 2), being eight months pregnant with my second child, we kept circling around looking for a mother and toddler space. Firstly so that I could open the door wide enough to get my child out of the car and also so that I could get my big 'pregnant belly' out. We saw this middle aged woman returning to her car minus a child. Quick as a flash my mum was out of the car and knocking on her window. I heard her ask where her child was and advised that it was a mother and toddler space only. The lady apologised and I seriously doubt she will repeat her actions again. Don't get me wrong I don't advocate you approach anyone as in this day and age you don't know how you will be received.

Signs are there for a reason not just for show. They are to HELP you whether it is to direct you somewhere or to explain what something is for . You wouldn't go up a one way street on purpose so why would you abuse a parking space? At MJN Safety Signs Ltd we can customise signs or provide you with suitable parking signs to suit and our customer service is second to none. WE LIKE TO BE SEEN and hopefully parkers will take note Happy Driving!

Disabled parking signs

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