Training - Have you heard of M.R Safety?

Training - Have you heard of M.R Safety?




At MJN Safety Signs we always like to chat to others within the health and safety sector. We are regularly in contact with fire equipment providers, health and safety specialists, fire risk assessors, facility management companies,  health and safety training providers, fire safety managers, safety compliance officers and many more.


This month we have been speaking to Matthew from M.R Safety Training who can help with training for first aid, food safety, COSHH, asbestos and more across a number of industries. We have asked them to tell us about their business as well as let us know about all the services that they have on offer so that we can share this with you. 


'M.R. Safety Training is a family run business based in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. We provide all matters of safety training to SME's, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Nurseries and the voluntary sector.

We provide on site courses, and e-learning courses in First Aid, Food Safety, Health & Safety, COSHH, Asbestos, and Fire Safety all throughout the Yorkshire area.

M.R. Safety Training is regulated by numerous OFQUAL approved awarding bodies including CIEH and HABC offering high quality national accredited courses through the week and at weekends.'

To find out more and also if you would like any help please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Telephone : 0113 210 0600
Email :
Website :


First aid is such an important skill to have and most businesses have at least one nominated first aider/first aiders. Do your employees know who the trained first aider/aiders are? If not please ensure that they do. Do your employess know where the first aid kit is? If any of your staff need to be first aid trained and are based in Yorkshire then be sure to get in touch with M.R Safety Training as they can certainly help. If you are looking for first aid training out with Yorkshire then please make contact with us and we can point you in the right direction.


At MJN Safety Signs Ltd we offer signage that can be put up on the wall or notice boards advising on who the first aider is, what to do in an emergency, who the first aid marshalls are and where the first aid kit can be found. These are simple but effective signs that are very important to display.


Another thing to be aware of is that products in first aid kits can go out of date very quickly so it is so important to check them every so often particularly bandages, plasters and the antiseptic wipes and replenish them regularly. Whilst we do not offer first aid kits there are plenty of companies out there who do and we can always point you in the right direction for these too. Small first aid kits can usually be picked up in the supermarkets whilst larger kits for businesses can be picked up relatively cheaply online from any of the good stationary providers and even Amazon.



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