Spot the number of health and safety fails!

I see so many health and safety fail pictures on the internet whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn but I didn't expect to actually take a photograph myself of one whilst soaking up the sun on holiday!

2 maintenance men standing on the same wooden ladder (that didn't look particularly safe in the first place!) in the middle of a man made beach putting up coloured lights both with a hammer in hand. I'm not sure if it's clear enough in the picture but on the right hand side there is an electrical cable dangling into the water. Not only that, but there were kayaks and paddle boards being used by the holidaymakers, many of whom were kids, it was a miracle that no one collided with these men whilst on their dodgy ladder. The consequences could have been catastrophic!

That said! The coloured lights did look great when they were up!

Unsafe image


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