A new start and a new beginning. PJB HSE

This month we have been chatting to Paul Binns who has just set up his own health and safety company.

We wanted to find out more about his services and what he has to offer.

Here is what Paul has got to say.

"So what is it all about? Well after several years of working in the health and safety field and providing guidance and support to employers I decided the time was right to start thinking longer term, where do I want to be in another 20 years. When will the time be right to follow my dreams and form my own company. Well guess what? That time is now.

PJB HSE has been set up to offer to all business’s a complete health and safety service. We can carry out all the little annoying things that prevent you from concentrating on what you do best, running your own business. We aim to work as team, form a partnership that you can trust, and create safe working cultures

We have no interest in forcing health and safety down your throats or using scare tactics in order to gain more money. Our own code of conduct prevents us from the hard the sell, reputation is everything to us.

So why choose PJB HSE, what’s different?

Well, let’s be honest, not a lot. I can’t hand on heart pick fault with the competition and tell you this and tell you that. There are many many consultants out there, each one promising to give you the service you deserve, but at PJB our mission statement is just that, to give the service you need and deserve. What makes us difference is our attitude to you. We all need money to survive and PJB HSE is no different, however we can promise that the safety of all staff, contractors and general public will be our main driving force and will come before financial gain.

What do you get?

At PJB you get a chartered member of IOSH, a member of IIRSM, OSCHR registered and fully insured consultant. More than that though, you get experience and honesty. Having worked 20 years plus in the manufacturing environment I know how important it is to have them production lines rolling, to have fully trained staff and to meet the important deadlines. What you don’t need is lost time due to sickness or injury caused by preventive incidents at your work place, not only does this result in lost production time, and possible court actions and fines, but the whole working atmosphere can be effected, an unhappy workforce is not a productive one.


Contact us at www.pjbhse.com. We try to ensure replies within 2 hours, let’s chat and see where we can go together."


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