Beware of smartphone zombies! Sign

As a driver we are expected to be aware of our surroundings, be able to make emergency stops if required and drive responsibly. We are not allowed to use smart hand held devices whilst driving unless they are connected to a hands-free device as this may distract us from the road.

As a pedestrian surely we should also be aware of our surroundings too! Time and time again I see people walking along the pavement and crossing roads with their head facing down looking at or texting on a mobile device. 

Last month I was turning off a main road into a street near our house and a pedestrian decided to cross the road whilst not looking. Why was she not looking? Because she was too busy texting on her phone. Thankfully there were no cars on the main road at that time but had there been, someone would definitely have gone into me as I had to wait for this girl to cross. Obviously I peeped my horn to get her to look up and move on so I could get off the main road to avoid any accidents. My kids were in the car at the time so it was a prime example which they witnessed of 'mobile zombies' and why I'm so against walking looking down at a mobile.

If your head is down looking at a phone you could be walking into anything - gates, lamp posts, people, cars. 

With this in mind, I bet we could sell loads of these signs!

Smartphone zombies



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