Fire risk assessment app

Fire risk assessment app

Fire risk assessment app

Fire risk assessment app - This month we have been chatting to Gethin about the fire safety app he has created. Here is what Gethin has to say about it!

In the United Kingdom, Organisation’s employing five or more people, a licensed premises or an alterations notice is in force, then the significant findings of the fire risk assessment, the actions to be taken as a result of the assessment and details of anyone especially at risk must be recorded and reviewed regularly. This assessment must also include details of any dangerous substances used or stored in or around a workplace premises.

Currently a fire risk assessment is performed using either a paper-based or computer software checklist system.

A fire risk assessor should have the following competency:

  • An understanding of relevant fire safety legislation;
  • Education, training, knowledge and experience in fire safety;
  • Fire development and the behaviour of people in fire;
  • Fire hazards, fire risks and factors associated with occupants at special risk; and
  • Appropriate training and experience in carrying out fire risk assessments.

company of experienced fire professionals, based in the United Kingdom have developed a fire risk assessment mobile App that is fully compliant with current fire safety legislation. 

The App is based on British Standard PAS-79. Below are the required nine steps of this Methodology:

  1. Information on the building, processes carried out and the people present, or likely to be present;
  2. Identify the fire hazards and means for their elimination or control;
  3. Assess the likelihood of fire, at least in subjective terms;
  4. Determine the fire protection measures in the building;
  5. Obtain relevant information about fire safety management;
  6. Make an assessment of the likely consequences to people in the event of fire, at least in subjective terms;
  7. Make an assessment of the fire risk;
  8. Formulate and document an action plan, with prioritization if appropriate;
  9. Define the date by which the fire risk assessment should be reviewed.

The App covers all nine steps of the BSI Standard and has been proven to reduce time and increase efficiency by approximately 40 % compared to paper based or Microsoft office check-list based systems.

Features of Fire Risk Assessment App.


  • Suitable for Assessors & Premises owner’s.
  • The app is based on the British Standard PAS-79 Methodology.
  • Available on Android & iOS. Designed to function on phones and larger tablet devices.
  • Plans starting £10 per report.
  • Generate report and produce your risk rating.
  • Producing FRAs using the app is 40% faster other methods.
  • Save the report in Cloud forever.
  • Upload images in the app and generate automatic FRA reports.

How to use App.

Download and install App from IOS or Android Store

Google Play

 App store

The app is very self-explanatory and easy to use.

You can take help of following video tutorial to do your first Assessment


The First FRA report can be generated absolutely free. The first generated report can be used commercially. For more report, one has to purchase the credit starting from 10 GBP/ Report.

Fire risk assessment app


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