Inconsiderate parker

Inconsiderate parker

Last week I took my son to try out table tennis and carefully selected my parking space. The car park wasn't particularly big, the spaces were tight and as such I decided to opt for an end space so it was a case of reversing back and then I could drive straight out.....or so I thought!

The table tennis session ended and I ventured out to the car park. By this time it was dark and quite frosty. To my horror someone parked along side my car! I say 'horror' because it wasn't actually a parking space they were parked in and instead choose to have their car so close to mine that there was no way I could manoeuvre out. There was no room on the other side either and not enough room to reverse out and turn! In fact where they were parked was dangerous and irresponsible.

After 20 minutes and many failed attempts at trying to get out the space I had to call my husband to come and help. After almost 20 manoeuvres the car was finally out. 

Although there were lines advising not to park, it was dark and the car could have easily missed them. A simple 'no parking' sign suitable positioned could have done the trick and prevented this silly car parking somewhere it shouldn't have parked.

Parking is definitely a nightmare. We get many customers order 'reserved parking' signs for car parks they manage,  signs advising which spaces are for customers, employees, disabled spaces and do no park in front of the gate signs. If you need any parking signs or customised parking signs please do feel free to get in touch as we can certainly help you out!

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