Stating the obvious!

A few weeks ago my son was playing a football match against a team who were about 20 mins away. Thankfully with a Sat Nav the journey was straightforward enough to take me to the school that was hosting the match. However, once inside the grounds of the school, I was faced with a sign with 2 choices; to the left was a single road that lead to the theatre/drama studios and to the right was a road to the sports hall. I chose the route to the sports hall. I followed the road round and faced a dead end! I had a 50% chance of choosing the right route and I used logic, I thought maybe a sign taking to the  'sports hall' perhaps would be near the sports field - but no I was wrong!

Why was there no sign directing the cars to the sports fields? I wasn't the only parent who followed the wrong route! This is a site that has multiple football matches weekly with parents entering the site that may have never been there before. They have a 50/50 chance of choosing the right path!

So really in the grand scheme of things this wasn't a big deal, after all it was only a football match - we got there in the end!  But it made me realise that there are many instances where people go to places they have never been before whether it be a park, a business meeting, to collect a parcel, the list is endless but is it obvious where to go? where the entrance is? does the site expect the visitor to sign in? That one sign can make a difference. We offer a number of visitor entrance signs to help make this easier. We could have even produced a sign for the school identifying where the playing fields were!!!!


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