What a terrible story to wake up to!

Whilst catching up on the news this morning I was horrified to hear about a 2 year old being snatched by an alligator in Orlando. What a terrible story to wake up to!

I've got kids myself (although not quite as young as 2!) so it really made me think about the situation as it could have happened to anyone.

Having read the story it appears there were warning signs that read 'No swimming!' by the lagoon it doesn't sound like there was any mention of why or anything else stated on the sign, perhaps the hotel wasn't even aware that Alligators visited the area. Obviously, and thankfully, I wasn't there to witness this terrible incident but it made me think that perhaps at times (not just for this area but also in the everyday situations) signs need to be a bit more blunt so on these premises perhaps say something like 'No swimming in the lake. Alligators are common in this area!'. 

I know I would take notice of a 'No swimming' sign as it would be there for a reason and I would think 'deep water' or 'very shallow water' but if it mentioned 'alligators' I'd be extra vigilant around the water area particularly as I'm not from Florida and alligators would not be the first thing that would spring to mind. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, in general, that whilst some people are aware of the dangers of a certain action not everyone is, particularly if they are not familiar with the area or surroundings.

This is a very tragic situation and I can't begin to imagine what this family are going through. 

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