Where is the 3 months of sunshine we were promised?

I can't quite believe that I am typing this blog with the heating on whilst wearing a thick jumper! It's the middle of June!!! Where is all the sunshine we were promised?

There are flood alerts throughout the UK and the forecast for the next few days is no better!

I'm not very good with plants and watering the lawn (I have just put down some grass seeds a few weeks ago) but the rain is kindly doing that for me. The grass has grown really well but it's too wet to cut and the plants are doing ok too. 

With rain comes a number of hazards one of which is slipping. What can you do to help avoid customers, colleagues etc from slipping?

  • Clean up the any water/mess immediately
  • Display warning signs
  • Use moisture absorbent matts at entrance areas 
  • Have hand rails if there are steps or the area is sloped
  • Report unsafe conditions so that areas can be made safe
  • Use adhesive grip tape around troublesome areas
  • Ensure walkways, entrances and general space is free from obstacles 
Doing it right!


We can of course help you with signage and if there is particular wording you would like just let us know and we can help create a suitable sign for you. 

Stay safe and let's hope the sun makes an appearance soon!

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