No Safety, Know Pain!

No Safety, Know pain! Is one of our favourite sayings!

If you don't have safety measures in place then you will soon feel the pain whether it's physical pain or financial pain.

There really isn't any room for shortcuts when it comes to safety. The number of times I have spoken to health and safety managers who say that their bosses want to cut corners or don't want to spend on health and safety measures is unbelievable.

Sure you don't get a 'rate of return' on safety products but you can ultimately save on hefty fines, injuries, and your business reputation by doing things the right way as well as creating a safe environment for everyone.

We read all too often about companies being fined for injuries to colleagues or even death to colleagues. It's so important to have staff educated so they know what's expected of them - if there is a spill, how to clean it up safely, if someone is injured, how to deal with it etc. Health and safety is everyone's responsibility and working together in a safe environment is paramount!

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